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Which foods contain "invisible sugar"?

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How much sugar did we eat? The survey found that China's per capita annual sugar consumption reached 19.6 kilograms, a five-fold increase compared with 30 years ago - the average daily intake per person is close to 53.7 grams,

which is already higher than the recommended amount.

Some people may say that I attach great importance to health, never drink sweet drinks, do not eat sweets, and should not be excessive.

In fact, you may have eaten a lot of "invisible sugar" without knowing it. The WHO pointed out that many of the added sugars that people ingest today are actually "hidden" in processed foods that usually look unsweet,

the so-called "invisible sugar." In the case of ketchup, a tablespoon of ketchup contains one teaspoon of sugar.

So, which foods are easy to contain "invisible sugar"? The common "stealth sugar" is mainly in the following foods.

First, baked goods and pastry. The bread and sweet biscuits sold on the market usually have a sugar content of 15% to 20%. Even if you cook it yourself, you will not have less sugar if you want to make it delicious.

Nowadays, many Chinese dim sum, such as some small steamed buns, small steamed buns, milky yellow bags and the like, must also add some sugar.

Second, sweet drinks, including various carbonated drinks, fruit juices, lactic acid bacteria drinks, and the like. A bottle of 500 ml of cola has a sugar content of about 50 grams,

and a bottle of 350 ml of lactic acid bacteria drink has a sugar content of about 50 grams. Many fruit juice drinks are sold in the market, and even a pure juice drink has a high sugar content.

In particular, it should be pointed out that the so-called "healthy drinks" such as women's favorite jujube pulp, honey citron tea, etc., actually add brown sugar, more than 90% of which are sugar;

and the sugar content of honey is usually more than 75%.

Third, daily home cooking also contains a lot of sugar. For example, braised pork, sweet and sour pork ribs, red bean paste, green bean paste, etc., will add sugar.

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