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YES or No about monk fruit

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Is there zero calories are in monk fruit sweeteners?

YES.Monk fruit sweeteners contain zero calories per serving. However, some foods and beverages containing monk fruit sweeteners may contain other ingredients that add calories. Foods and beverages using monk fruit sweeteners in place of regular sweeteners generally contain fewer calories and are often labeled as “light” or “reduced calorie.”

Is monk fruit safe to use as a sweetener?

Yes, monk fruit sweeteners can be safely consumed as part of a balanced diet. Governments in the U.S., Canada, China, Japan, and Singapore have concluded that monk fruit sweeteners are safe for the general population, including children, people with diabetes, and women who are pregnant or nursing. In the U.S., monk fruit sweeteners are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS). The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reviewed the published research, listened to expert opinions and, based on the evidence, has no objections to ingredient maker determinations that monk fruit sweeteners are safe for use in foods and beverages.

Do monk fruit sweeteners cause weight gain?

No. Monk fruit sweeteners contain zero calories per serving and do not cause weight gain. In fact, research has shown that using low- or no- calorie sweeteners such as monk fruit sweeteners in place of regular sweeteners can help you lower your total daily calorie intake, keeping you within your calorie budget. Remember that foods and beverages usually contain other ingredients that contribute to calorie intake. To lose weight, the calories you eat and drink must be less than the calories you burn during the day.

Are monk fruit sweeteners safe for children?

Yes. FDA-permitted monk fruit sweeteners are safe and useful options for children and teens and can be included as part of a well-balanced diet. Incorporating some low-calorie, sugarfree foods and beverages into meals and snacks is one way to avoid consuming excess calories. Health professionals, including Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs), can help parents and their children make the best choices based on a child’s individual calorie and nutrition needs.

Can people with diabetes consume monk fruit sweeteners?

Yes. Since monk fruit is a no-calorie sweetener, it will not affect blood sugar levels and may be a good option for people with diabetes for reducing their total carbohydrate and sugar intake. Remember, a food or beverage containing monk fruit sweeteners may still have calories and carbohydrates, so always check the food label. If you’re unsure how foods and beverages with monk fruit sweeteners fit into your diabetes care plan, consult a health professional such as an RDN, certified diabetes educator (CDE), and/or your health care provider.

Can pregnant and breast feeding women consume monk fruit?

Yes. Research has shown that consuming monk fruit sweeteners is safe for expecting or nursing mothers when consumed as part of a healthful diet. Pregnant and nursing women should talk to their health care provider or RDN about consuming the necessary calories and nutrients for their baby’s growth.

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