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2020 Commendation Conference and 2021 Annual Meeting of Luo Han Guo Planting

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On the afternoon of January 22nd, the “2020 Commendation Conference and 2021 Annual Meeting of Luo Han Guo Planting” was held on the 7th floor of Hunan Huacheng Biotech., Inc., a strategic partner of Hunan Green Fructose.


 Luo Kejun from General Office of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee, who was dispatched to Shixi Village, Yuanling County, the leader of the poverty alleviation team and the first secretary of the village party branch; first secretary Li Xiaojun from Hunan Provincial Public Security Department, who was dispatched to the Guzhanglaozhai village as poverty alleviation team leader; Qiu Xiao, from Hunan Securities Regulatory Bureau, the leader of the poverty alleviation team and the first secretary of the village party branch in Zhangpo Village, Fenghuang County; Shuai Lang, the party secretary of the Tonggu County from Association for Science and Technology in Jiangxi Province, Tang Qi, PhD and associate professor of Hunan Agricultural University, and Wang Xiaoyan, president of the China CITIC Bank, Yuhuating Branch and representatives from different planting bases and friends from the Xinhua News Agency, Hunan branch attended the meeting. Yi Deping, executive vice president of Hunan Huacheng Biotech, Inc.(thereafter referred as Huacheng), and Huang Xu, head of the raw material planting department, also presented in the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Qiu Feiyun, secretary of the board of directors of Huacheng.

Yi Deping, the executive vice president of Huacheng, delivered a warm speech. He first expressed his warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the leaders and planters for their arrival. 2020 is an extraordinary year, under the severe environment of the overall foreign trade development, the annual sales volume of Huacheng and the planting area of Luo Han Guo have achieved a growth of more than 30%.

In 2021, Huacheng and the team for breeding program led by Dr. Tang Qi, from Hunan Agricultural University, will launch a new cooperation. At the same time, the bank guarantees will provide financial support to cooperatives. In the future, Huacheng will continue to adopt cooperation model among three parties, (the company, the base, and farmers), and continue to work together with the cooperative efforts and move forward.

Luo Kejun, the leader of the poverty alleviation team, who was dispatched to Shixi Village in Yuanling County by the General Office of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee, delivered a speech. He affirmed that Huacheng actively responded to the central government's call for targeted poverty alleviation policy, participated in and implemented poverty alleviation work. The cultivation of monk fruit (Luo Han Guo) not only boosts the income of the poor, but also embodies the biological social responsibility of Huacheng.

Li Xiaojun, chief of the poverty alleviation team of Guzhanglaozhai Village,Xiangxi county, delivered a speech. He said that the promotion and cultivation of Luo Han Guo helped the local poor households to successfully alleviated poverty. It is hoped that this “Sweet as Honey” project of Luo Han Guo will blossom in Hunan and other suitable planting areas throughout the country.

Secretary Qiu Xiao, the leader of the poverty alleviation team from Hunan Securities Regulatory Bureau, Fenghuang Zhangpo Village branch, pointed out that Luo Han Guo is the only project which has realized profits through planting, as local weather changes have caused a large reduction in the production of other planting species in 2020. He hopes to increase production and revenue in 2021 and achieve greater results.

President Wang of CITIC Bank, Yuhuating Branch, expressed his affirmation to Luo Han Guo business of Huacheng. As a financial institution, we will help enterprises to go higher, further and faster. In 2021, the bank will perform its social responsibilities together with Huacheng, provide financial support to cooperative growers, help them solve their worries and make contributions to the finance of the country.

Zhou Zhan, marketing director of Huacheng, gave a detailed introduction about Luo Han Guo to the leaders and planters from the aspects of sugar reduction trend globally, and the advantages, procedures, market growth trend of Luo Han Guo, as well as the whole industrial chain and the future planting area of Huacheng.

At the scene, Ph.D. Tang, from Hunan Agricultural University, gave a speech. He revealed that he will carry out deeper cooperation with Huacheng in the aspect of variety planting in the future, and use cultivation technology to cultivate higher density, larger fruit, and also provide a whole set of cultivation technologies. At the same time, his team will give their support to growers and companies, trying to bring better benefits for everyone in the New Year

Signing Ceremony of Luo Han Guo Planting

Huang Xu, who is in charge of raw material planting in Huacheng, signed the 2021 annual Luo Han Guo planting agreement with representatives of 9 cooperatives from Chaling and Jiangyong County, Wugang City, Taoyuan, Shanggao County, Hanguotian, Ningxiang and Lixian respectively. In the future, Huacheng will join hands with more cooperatives to promote the development of “Sweet as Honey” of Luo Han Guo industry projects.


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