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Hunan Huacheng Biotech, Inc. held the spring Award grant ceremony

Time : 2023-03-07 Hits : 36

On March 6th, Huacheng Biotech held the Spring Award grant ceremony in Xiuxi Town School, Chenxi County, and awarded 40,000 yuan grant and 10,000 yuan scholarship to 50 students from poor families who are excellent in character and study, helping the children grow up and become talented.



Huacheng Biotech adheres to the enterprise spirit of "dedication to the society and return to the society". While running a good enterprise to develop the economy, it has been committed to the development of social public welfare undertakings, actively practicing its responsibility to give back to the society, participating in the donation to students, solving the worries for students with difficulties, and encouraging numerous students to self-improvement and strive for success. The grant of Huacheng Biotech Award is 100,000 yuan per year, 50,000 yuan in spring and autumn respectively. Huacheng Biotech will continue to support students.

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