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The Signing Ceremony for Strategic Cooperation was successfully held

Time : 2022-12-30 Hits : 70

On December 10th, the Signing Ceremony for Strategic Cooperation between Huacheng Biotech and Youzhuo Milk was successfully held in Changsha. Huang Huaxue, Chairman of Huacheng Biotech, Ye Guifang, General Manager of Huacheng, Zhou Jian, CEO of Youzhuo Milk, Zhang Yan, General Manager Assistant of Youzhou, Zhang Haiqing, President of Hunan Food Circulation Industry Association, and leaders and guests from specially invited enterprises and distributors attended the signing ceremony.



The theme of this strategic cooperation is "Sugar Revolution for Milk and Dairy Products". In the future, we will continue to launch a number of co-branded products of Huacheng Biotech and Youzhuo Milk, developing a new trend of the application of monk fruit sweetener in the low-temperature dairy industry.




This cooperation will inject strong vitality into the healthy dairy industry. Through joint efforts, we will establish long-term and deeper cooperation in the development of the healthy dairy industry. Huacheng Biotech will actively provide quality services for the development of monk fruit sweetener for dairy products, to create a healthier lifestyle.


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