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Congratulations!Hunan Huacheng Bio Got "Hunan Leading Enterprise Of Agricultural Industrialization"

Time : 2019-05-09 Hits : 16

Through the strict and complicated appraisal ,Hunan Huacheng bio finally received "The leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Hunan."


This is huacheng bio once again won the heavyweight title after got the "national high-tech enterprises", "small and medium-sized enterprises on the cloud benchmarking enterprises", "changsha city agricultural industrialization key leading enterprises" and other honors, According to the information, "hunan province agriculture industrialization leading enterprise" honor is approved by the people's government of hunan province, hunan provincial department of agriculture and rural areas, hunan provincial development and reform commission and other departments jointly issued.

Over the years, Huacheng bio has been committed to the research and innovation of zero-calorie natural sweetener -- Monk fruit syrup,and nowadays it has obtained 25 approved patents and 50 pending patents.



As the leading expert of monk fruit sweetener solution for sugar reduction,The honor of provincial leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization can not only improve the popularity and corporate image of huacheng in the industry, but also provide another preferential and convenient condition for the enterprise in policy.


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