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CPhI Exhibition Review

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Exhibition Introduction

The 2019 CPhI & P-MEC China came to a close on June 20th at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Huacheng Bio-Monk-Fruit-Sweetener Sugar Reduction Solution was unveiled at the 19th World Pharmaceutical Raw Materials China Exhibition. Through this exhibition, Huacheng Bio has strengthened its in-depth communication with old customers, and also learned the needs and ideas of many new customers, at the same time accumulated strength for further expansion of the market.

The CPHI exhibition area has exceeded 200,000 square meters, bringing together more than 3,200 domestic and international quality suppliers, including 13 major sub-sections of pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceutical excipients, preparations, contract customization, bio-pharmaceuticals, and natural extracts. It provided an integrated professional platform for the pharmaceutical industry to optimize the industrial chain layout, attracting more than 10,000 domestic and international visitors.

On Site

On the CPhI 19th World Pharmaceutical Raw Materials China Exhibition, Huacheng Bio exhibited mainly the Monk Fruit Mogroside Series of more than 10 products, including natural zero Calorie Monk Fruit Sweetener, Monk Fruit Honey, Monk Fruit Cake and Monk Fruit sweetened ice cream, Monk Fruit fruit tea, flower tea, milk tea, bubbly water, etc. The booth was full of popularity, and the people who came to negotiate were in a constant stream. The Monk Fruit sweetener natural sugar reduction program became the focus of the exhibition.

Quality supplier product show

At the exhibition, high quality suppliers of plant extracts and quality products jointly certified by the China National Institute of Medicines and Health Products Import and Export Chamber of Commerce and the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), Swiss Standards (SGS) and Intertek were displayed.

As one of the fifteen high-quality plant extracts suppliers, Huacheng Biotech displaied high-quality products including Monk Fruit Extract.

2019 Plant Extract Innovative Product Award

During the exhibition, Huacheng Bio's Monk Fruit Sugar Substitute and Monk Furit Honey won the “2019 China Plant Extract Innovative Product Award”. Ye Guifang, the company's Domestic Sales Director, was invited to participate in the 2019 China Plant Extract Industry Awards. Mr. Zhou Zhan, Marketing Director of Huacheng Bio, participated on behalf of the company in 2019 Chinese plant extract innovative products roadshow of Monk Fruit Sweetener & Monk Fruit Honey.

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