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Director of the Science Bureau Guo Gong led team to HC Bio to conduct research

Time : 2019-08-08 Hits : 20

On July 29, Director of the Science and Technology Bureau of Changsha City, Guo Gong, led a team to Huacheng Biotech to conduct research. Zhao Guanyu, general manager of Huacheng Biological, Liu Yongsheng, executive director, and company executives welcomed Guo and his team. They reported and explained the situation of the projects assigned by the municipal science and technology bureau undertaken by the company, then accompanied the team to visit Huacheng Biological Laboratory and production workshop, and introduced the production capacity and development trends.



Executive Director Liu Yongsheng said that recently, Huacheng Bio is preparing for the provincial natural sweetener R&D center, hoping to get support from the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau in terms of capital, platform and talent team construction.



Director Guo recognized the scientific and technological achievements made by Huacheng Bio in recent years, and emphasized on the progress of the report of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau project undertaken by the company. Finally, he pointed out that in the future, a new type of institution, the Industrial Research Institute, will be set up to absorb resources from various enterprises and institutions to form a public research platform. The Municipal Science and Technology Bureau will continue to provide support, and hopes that Huacheng Bio can establish its ground in the market, use the scientific research strength to drive the industrial chain, increase research and development of functional health foods in the field of diabetes, and reach cooperation with more food and beverage companies.

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