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How to meet the demand for health product innovation in different scenarios?

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1. Monk Fruit (Luo Han Guo) Extract, an indispensable role in the sugar reduction project

Monk Fruit has a long history of application and is one of the first Chinese medicine and food materials. It can be used as a food or as a food additive. Monk Fruit has a unique after sweet (sweetness is 300 times that of sucrose) and is also a flavor enhancer. It can be widely used in the compounding and flavoring of spice and fragrances. It can also be used to make flavored foods. It can be used as a flavoring agent to inhibit or mask the bad taste of certain foods. It also has the potential quality of moistening throat and anti-smog.

According to a data from Canadean, among the global consumer's understanding of the health status of sweetener additives, Monk Fruit’s recognition is ranked second, only next to honey.

2. Huacheng Bio: High-end sugar leader

Many characteristics made Monk Fruit a representative of “high-end sugar substitute” and an indispensable important role in the sugar reduction plan.

Huacheng Biotech has laid out the Monk Fruit industry for more than ten years, keeping up with the development trend of the natural zero-calorie industry. It has initially established the Monk Fruit whole industry chain alliance, including the upstream Luo Han Guo planting, the mid-stream Luo Han Guo production, the Luo Han Guo sweet application research and development and the downstream terminal sales.

The two major bottlenecks that currently limit the growth of Monk Fruit are resources and technological innovations in applications. However, Huacheng Bio has done a lot of innovation work in these two aspects, especially in the innovation of end products, and has become the leader of high-end sugar substitutes.

3. The two basic products of Huacheng Bio: Monk Fruit Sugar Substitute, Monk Fruit Honey

Comparing with other sugar substitute products, Monk Fruit Mogroside has unique advantages: good taste and after sweet; can’t be digested by human body, suitable for diabetics and obese people; natural fruit extraction and excessive intake have no effect on the human body; GB2760 regulations Production is added in moderation (unlimited quantity requirement).

Drink directly after dilution, add 1g of Monk Fruit honey to 100ml warm water, and apply it to soup, dessert, porridge and cooking according to personal preference. Cola has 10.6g sugar per 100ml, and the Monk Fruit honey diluted to the same sweetness contains about only 0.5g sugar per 100ml.

In order to let consumers better experience the healthy and sweet products of Luo Han Guo, Hunan Huacheng Biotech has also opened the world's first Luo Han Guo Sweet Experience Store, where you can see more healthy desserts.

4. Huacheng Monk Fruit innovative products ---- Monk Fruit chocolate, yogurt, popsicle, ice cream, dessert...

How much heat can be reduced after replacing sucrose with Monk Fruit Sweetener? Through data analysis and comparison, Huacheng can visually see that and the calories in baking, drinks, candy chocolate, yogurt, ice cream, etc. are reduced by using Monk Fruit.

Huacheng Bio constantly innovates in the application field of mogroside, on one hand, it is good at formula innovation, on the other, it collects consumption data, promotes scientific research and innovation, increases consumption cognition, and delivers continuous innovation, Ideas and application practices to the terminal sugar-reducing field. It has provided more paths for the traditional “Magic Fruit”- Luo Han Guo and turned it into the modern food and health care field and promoted the development of the entire Luo Han Guo industry.

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