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Huacheng Bio Sweetener Research Center March 2021

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Huacheng Bio "Hunan Natural Sweetener Engineering Technology Research Center" was successfully approved and licensed.

Siraitia grosvenorii sugar reduction programme - Hua Cheng Bio Today

After extensive review, examination, on-site inspection, and research at the Department of Science and Technology of Hunan Province, the Hunan Huacheng Biological Engineering Technology Research Center of Natural Sweeteners of Hunan was successfully approved and licensed in 2020. Its purpose is to create projects of special innovation in Hunan.

Currently, Huacheng Biological R & D Center is led by PhDs in the United States with rich experience in the industry. There are more than 30 researchers, with 4 PhDs, and more than 10 Master degrees. Long-term cooperation has been established with the Hunan Agricultural University National Plant Functional Components Utilization Engineering Research Center, Central South University, Hunan TCM University, and other well-known domestic food and natural products research institutions.

In plant extraction technology, Huacheng Bio will continue to cultivate, through continuous improvement of technology, innovative processes to achieve further reduction of extraction production costs and further improvement of efficiency.

Huacheng Bio has always been concerned about improving health by reducing sugar use. It is committed to the research and development and innovation of healthy sweeteners.

Multiple Monk Fruit based sugar reduction programs secured a variety of R & D patents and international recognition certificates. Awards and certification include yet are not limited to BRC, NSF-cGMP, Non-GMO, FDA-GRAS, ORGANIC, ISO, HACCP, SC, TUV, KOSHER, HALAL, and many others including 82 national invention patents and 165 actual patents.

Huacheng Biological’s goal of the Hunan Natural Sweetener Engineering Technology Research Center is to actively promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and industrialization.

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