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Huacheng Biotech's Shaoyang factory has opened!

Time : 2024-02-02 Hits : 7

On January 30, Huacheng Biotech's Shaoyang factory held a grand opening ceremony.


The Shaoyang factory was built in 100 days and has the world's most advanced extraction equipment, the best production process routes, and a production workshop with digital and intelligent equipment. Through intensive processing of Monk Fruit grown in Suining County and around Shaoyang, it will promote the revitalization of Suining County's countryside and help Suining County's high-quality economic development.



Shaoyang phase I factory of Huacheng biotech has been officially put into operation in mid-September 2023, with a processing capacity of of fresh Monk Fruit 50,000MT/Y, Monk Fruit concentrated juice 9,000 MT/Y, and dried Monk Fruit 200MT/Y.



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