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My monk fruit and I-Perseverance at 37 degrees

Time : 2021-10-26 Hits : 29

 In October 2021, baskets of Luo Han Guo was successfully inspected and put into storage

We are standing by the planting area of Huacheng Biotech which belongs to the mid-subtropical monsoon climate zone,  the mountainous area is about 300~500 meters above sea level and the temperature during the day is 37 degrees.

Still, there are groups of people who stick to their work to harvest monk fruits under the severe high temperature weather, showing their commitment to the cause of healthy industry and making contributions to the company.

Ordinary as they are,still they are the most charming workers.

Our car crawled slowly along the winding mountain road which entwined with cliffs ,where the front-line workers have been shuttled back and forth for over 10 years.

They sacrifice a lot asking for nothing, doing their best for every single fruit.

They work very hard without complaining, paying attention to every detail.

They work in a down-to-earth way, solving problems with professional technologies.

They interpret the meaning of struggle with perseverance and dedication. Thanks to these people who paid their contributions to Luo Han Guo and health industry!


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