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National Sugar & Liquor Convention · Tianjin

Time : 2019-11-27 Hits : 12

From October 24th to October 26th, the 101st National Sugar and Liquor Trade convention was successfully held at the Meijiang International Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition used all ten indoor halls and some outdoor sections, the total exhibition area is 119,233 square meters, with over 2,600 exhibitors attended.


This National Sugar and Liquor Convention was held for the first time in Tianjin after the Chinese economic reform, and was warmly welcomed by dealers in the northern area and Tianjin citizens. According to statistics, more than 60% of professional visitors came from the area north of the Yangtze River. The total number of attendees in the three-day exhibition exceeded 300,000, setting a new record for the autumn sugar and wine convention in recent years.


At the exhibition, LVGUOTANG, Huacheng Bio's strategic partner, introduced a new generation of natural sweetener - Monk Fruit zero calorie sweetener. In order to allow consumers to better experience Monk Fruit sweetener, the formula ratio was adjusted through hundreds of tests to obtain a taste similar to sucrose, while ensuring natural and healthy, reducing all calories, sugar and fat to zero. Monk Fruit sweetener is all natural and has zero calories, it can replace xylitol and sucrose for baking, cereal, milk, coffee, beverages and dishes to reduce sugar, and reduce calories, while retaining the sweet taste.


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