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Quality Oriented Products Deepen Sweetness Cooperation

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Hunan Huacheng Biotech Co., has taken a lead role in developing quality management system and food safety management system in accordance with Chinese Food SC (QS) certification requirements, ISO Quality Management System (QMS), ISO Food Safety Management System (FSMS), FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), FDA 21 CFR 111, to safeguard food safety.

FDA cGMP (NSF) Certification (U.S.)

cGMP refers to the current GMP system. The current Good Manufacturing Standards (or Good Manufacturing Practices), which is the statutory standard for the production and operation of food, nutritional supplements, and pharmaceuticals in the United States. The specific standards of cGMP are based on specific product types. The content include plant construction, personnel requirements, sanitary conditions, production, quality management and recordings, etc. The supervision and implementation of this standard is carried out by the FDA.

The NSF logo and the cGMP logo are basically shown together. Because the manufacturers who meet the high standards of NSF also comply with the cGMP standard. The cGMP mark indicates that the product meets the minimum standards set by the FDA which has high authority in the implementation of cGMP in the world, so if a product is certified by the CGMP, its value in the international market will double.


NON-GMO Certification in the United States

The NON-GMO Project is an unofficial non-profit organization that provides third-party verification and audits for non-GMO foods and products to confirm that the products do not contain genetically modified substances.



Global Food Safety Standard: BRC is the abbreviation of British Retail Consortium, and the Chinese is Yingguo Lingshou Xiehui. It has become an example of good practices in the food industry.

BRC provides a framework for companies to assist companies in the production of safe food and manage product quality to meet customer needs. It is an internationally recognized standard and complies with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), demonstrating the company’s commitment to production or sales. The promise of safe food improves the confidence of the company’s customers/consumers in product safety and quality.


EU Organic Certification (EU ORGANIC)

The EU organic product certification is an organic product standard certification established by the EU members. It enjoys a good international reputation and symbolizes the combination of the members. The certification logo marked with European Leaf which consists of 12 stars from the EU flag and nature leaves and greens. It specifies the requirement of EU's organic production, processing, labeling, management and certification. As the most widely used representative and authoritative organic product certification in the world, it has been generally recognized by consumers and the organic industries, and its certification is valid for one year.

Products that have obtained EU organic product certification will be recognized in major international markets. The rigorous quality assessment and certification procedures of the EU organic certification make any product affixed with the EU certification mark a guarantee of high quality and high credibility, which is recognized and respected by customers and experts who pursue environmental protection and organic conception all over the world.


Organic Certification (USDA ORGANIC)

USDA organic certification is the highest level of organic certification in the United States. It is strictly inspected from raw material to production to ensure that the products do not have any harmful ingredients to the human body and are 100% beneficial to people’s health. The certificate proves that the production, processing and transportation of the products are strictly implemented in accordance with the national organic standards.


ISO9001: 2015

Quality management system: ISO9001 is used to verify that the organization has the ability to provide products that meet customer requirements and comply with regulatory requirements. This third certification party, which is not subject to the economic interests of the production and sales parties, is notarial and scientific and  provide quality and supervision evaluation passes on the enterprises and product quality. As the basis for customers to review the supplier's quality system, the company has the ability to meet the technical requirements of its purchased products.

The certified companies have reached international standards in the integration of various management systems, indicating that the companies are able to continue to provide customers with expected and satisfactory qualified products. From the perspective of consumers, the company values its customer by meeting their needs and improving their satisfactions.



Food safety management system: The ISO22000 system is a preventive system to control hazards based on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hygienic Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP). The goal is to control the safety of food and maintain its stability, so as to ensure the ability of enterprises to provide safe food, products and services that meet customer requirements and applicable for laws and regulations.

Through the implementation of this rigorous and effective preventive food safety control system, the certificate of food safety management system certification can been obtained, which proves that the company has met the requirements of international food safety management standards. Externally, it can protect the health of consumers and promote international trade for food. Internally, it can improve the food safety management level of food companies, ensure product quality, and improve market competitiveness.


Food Production License (SC) Certification

The food production license certification of an enterprise is an effective pass for their products to enter the market.


Social Accountability Audit (SMETA)

SMETA refers to the aspect of corporate social responsibility, focusing on labor, health and safety, environment, etc. After SMETA is audited, the enterprise will only obtain an audit report, which is only available for sharing and reviewing by customer after uploading in the system.



Kosher certification: The word ‘Kosher’ comes from Hebrew, meaning acceptable and suitable, which shows that food and food ingredients must comply with Jewish dietary regulations. Only the raw materials and equipment that pass the inspection and appraisal of the Jewish priest can obtain the Kosher certificate.


HALAL certification

Halal certification: HALAL is an Arabic word, meaning ‘a permission’, and is translated as ‘Qingzhen’ in Chinese, which indicates the food, medicine, cosmetics, food, and cosmetic additives that meet the living habits and needs of Muslims.


ISO14001: 2015/ GB/T24001-2016

Environmental management system: ISO14001 is the environmental management requirements that enterprises put forward by themselves from the perspective of social security. The purpose is to reduce the environmental impact on the surrounding environment and society during the production process, so as to increase the social benefits of the enterprise.

The company has passed ISO14000 certification to meet the requirements of the local environmental protection department, and has shown a good image to the society, thereby gaining social recognition and praise, which is conducive to the expansion of the market.


ISO45001:2018/ GB/T 45001-2020

Occupational Health and Safety Management System: ISO45001 certification is the first ISO occupational health and safety standard in the world. It helps companies provide their employees and other personnel with a safe and healthy working environment, prevent deaths, work-related injuries and health problems, and commit to continuous improvement occupational health and safety performance.


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