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"Green Fruit Sugar Free Society" Brand Signing Ceremony were successfully held

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Human's preference for sweetness is inherent. People have always regarded sucrose as the main source of sweetness and heat energy in the body. The high calorie of sucrose can cause obesity, increase blood sugar, and cause dental caries. People's intake of sucrose has reached an unprecedented highest level. But sugar the only source of sweetness? Of course the answer is no. Sweetness ≠ sucrose! Monk Fruit Sweetener belongs to the second generation of natural sugar. It is derived from natural Monk Fruit fruit, and has obvious advantages compared with sucrose, providing zero calorie, taste similar to sucrose, does not cause obesity, does not cause blood sugar increase, and does not cause caries.


On the morning of May 11, Huacheng Bio and Yunhong Communication successfully held the "Green Sweet Project" strategic cooperation signing ceremony and the "Monk Fruit Sugarless Society" brand signing ceremony at the headquarters of Hunan Dianguang Media. "Green Fruit Sugar Free Society" brand advocates a sugar-free lifestyle. Under the trend of national health and safe sugar replacement, Monk Fruit natural zero-calorie sugar is the core product to create a healthy and sugar-free experience center for all people who yearn for "sugar-free life". 


Hongqiao, General Manager of the Creative Research Center of Yunhong Communication Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a speech. He said that Huacheng Bio always pays attention to reducing sugar health and is committed to the development and innovation of healthy sweeteners. Sugar-based healthy sugar reduction program. Yunhong Communication saw the development trend and strength of Huacheng Bio in the Monk Fruit industry, and also saw the commonality of the concepts and cognition of the two parties, the social significance and market value of the cooperation project. Under the theme of health and sugar-free, "Green Sweet Project" launched a new generation of Monk Fruit green natural sugar substitute products, 0 calories, 0 calories, while meeting the sweet needs of ordinary people's lives, while giving more health guarantee.


Huang Huaxue, chairman of Hunan Huacheng Biology, delivered a speech expressing his gratitude to Yunhong Communication. He believes that the two parties will cooperate sincerely, complement each other's advantages, benefit each other, and seek common development. In 2017, the General Office of the State Council carried out a wide range of key special actions for "three reductions and three healths" (salt reduction, oil reduction, sugar reduction, healthy oral cavity, healthy weight, healthy bones). In 2019, the National Health and Health Commission proposed a special action to reduce sugar; the Ministry of Education of China requested that primary and secondary schools reduce the sale of high-salt, high-sugar, and high-fat foods; the General Administration of Market Supervision advocated the use of natural sweet substances to replace sucrose. The "Green Fruits Sugar Free Society" brand created in the first step of the "Green Sweetness Project" advocates that the sweetness of all products comes from Monk Fruit's natural zero-calorie sweetness, rejects sucrose and artificial sweeteners, and advocates a new "sugar-free" lifestyle , Truly healthy sugar, rest assured sweet! Let consumers experience the life of sweet, delicious and light burden more conveniently.


This year, the situation facing China's foreign trade development is very grim and complex. Affected by the new corona virus, China's total foreign trade imports and exports fell by 9.6% from January to February. As a leading foreign trade enterprise in Hunan plant extract, Huacheng Biotech actively promoted the resumption of work and production during the epidemic. Under the environment of global export frustration, the amount of foreign trade exports increased by 40% in the first quarter.

In addition, as the "Poverty Alleviation Partner" of Hunan Charity Federation and the winner of the 2019 Hunan Philanthropy Contribution Award, in this critical year of 2020, Huacheng Biotechnology will also be more actively responsible for social responsibilities. Together, the Charity Federation has adopted the "company + cooperative + farmer" model in more than 20 counties and cities such as Chaling, Ningxiang, Xiangtan, Hengyang, and other industries to drive the poverty-stricken households out of poverty and become rich through industrial development. It is estimated that by 2020, a total of 10,000 families will be lifted out of poverty, increase their income and become richer.

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