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Sustainable development goals in 2030

Time : 2017-09-07 Hits : 26

Our goal is to replace the world's 10% sucrose market, so we set a preliminary goal of industrial sustainable development by 2030:

1. carbon dioxide emission reduction: 1 million 650 thousand tons

2. save energy (natural gas): 570 million cubic meters

3. poverty alleviation: 1000 persons / year

4. save water: 42 million tons

In June 2017, Hunan Provincial Charity Office in-depth Dongkou County High Town Rural Survey "sweet honey" S.grosvenorii industrial poverty alleviation projects, take listening to the reports, home visits, view base, discussion seminars, a comprehensive understanding of the implementation of the project in the local solution, help poor ideas and participatory difficulties, understand the base of Siraitia grosvenorii the growth, a comprehensive study of the technical and financial challenges, according to the actual situation of the specific local industrial poverty alleviation projects steadily Luohanguo the next step. The Luo sweet industrial poverty alleviation projects is the Provincial Charity Federation of Hunan Huacheng Biotech,Inc. of grosvenor momordica industry precise poverty project, aimed at "company + base + farmers" mode, farmers planting base, management company, the floor price purchase, to promote industrial development to help the poor out of poverty

At present, the province's industrial poverty alleviation projects in our province S.grosvenorii planting area of nearly 3000 acres, the theoretical value of 15 million yuan; a total of 6 cooperatives (Institutions) in which 3 institutions were disabled; farmers more than 1000 households.

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