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Tang Derong, Secretary of Jiangyong County Party Committee, Comes to Huacheng Biotech

Time : 2021-06-24 Hits : 11

Tang Derong, Secretary of Jiangyong County Party Committee, Comes to Huacheng Biotech to Investigate the Luo Han Guo Industry Project

On June 7th, Tang Derong, secretary of the Jiangyong County Committee of Yongzhou, came to Huacheng Biotech to investigate the Luo Han Guo (Monk Fruit) industry. Accompanied by chairman Huang Huaxue and board secretary Qiu Feiyun, secretary Tang visited the Huacheng exhibition hall, extraction workshop, pilot plant, etc. to learn more about the development, main products, the whole industry chain of Luo Han Guo of the company as well as its market trends.


Secretary Tang expressed a high degree of recognition for the work results achieved by Huacheng, and hoped to seek cooperation with the Luo Han Guo Industry of the company and accelerate the implementation of the project.




Utilizing its "company + co-op + farmers" model, Hunan Huacheng Biotech has developed and cultivated Luo Han Guo in more than 20 counties and cities in Hunan province. It has become a representative project of local targeted poverty alleviation and will also be a major project for rural revitalization.

Hunan province has become the world's largest suitable planting area for Momordica grosvenori. Jiangyong County, Yongzhou and other places have unique topography and climatic conditions, which are very suitable for the planting and growth of Momordica grosvenori. With the increasing maturity of the natural zero-calorie sweetener market and the development of the "sugar-free" food and beverage trend, Luo Han Guo is expected to become a unique industry of one hundred billion in Hunan.

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