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H2-Anx European Bilberry Extract

Spec:1%~36% Anthocyanidins UV&HPLC, 1%~40% PAC UV

Source of extraction:Fruit
Application range:widely used in medicine, health care product, beverages
Active ingredient:Anthocyanidins

Detailed description

Anthocyanidins1-25%(UVPurplish red to deep purple red powder
Anthocyanidins1-36%(HPLC)Purplish red to deep purple red powder
Proportional product1:1~50:1Purplish red powder

Anthocyanidins have been found to be very effective for a variety of health conditions.

Effect on Nervous System: The human brain is prone to oxidative damages. Peroxynitrite nitration caused by tyrosine residues present in enzymes and proteins are responsible for brain damage. Nerve receptor sites are blocked by nitrated tyrosine. Active ingredient pelargonidin in Anthocyanidin prevent the nitration of tyrosine and restrict occurrence of any neurological damage caused to the nervous system.

Effect on Blood Vessels: Anthocyanidin can prevent atherosclerosis in large blood vessels. It can prevent the oxidation of low density lipoproteins in the blood vessels. Anthocyanidins present in bilberries are stronger antioxidants that vitamin C or even BHT (used as preservative). Anthocyanidins are also very effective in reducing stress on the blood vessels. Micro-capillary integrity is maintained by Anthocyanidins. The capillary walls are stabilized by Anthocyanidins. It is very effective in fighting "ischemia-reperfusion". In this condition, reduced oxygen supply creates oxidants that cause the white blood cells to stick to the capillary walls and increase the wall permeability which further causes capillary damage. This condition can be improved by taking fruits with high Anthocyanidin content.

Effect on Diabetes: Diabetes retinopathy can cause severe vision loss or even blindness. It occurs when the body itself tries to repair damaged capillaries, but in order to do so it produces excess of proteins.Anthocyanidins prevent leaking along with abnormal protein proliferation.

Effect on Eyesight: Regular consumption of fruits and vegetables rich in Anthocyanidins improves night-vision.