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Red Clover Extract

Spec:2.5%~60%Total lsoflavones.Application:widely use to health care product

Source of extraction:Whole herb
Application range:widely used in health care product.
Active ingredient:Total lsoflavones(BiochaninA Formononetin,Daidzein etc.)

Detailed description

Total lsoflavones2.5-60%green brown or black brown fine powder

The main ingredients in Red clover extractare isoflavones like BiochaninA Formononetin,Daidzein,Genistein,Sission,Ononin,Daidzin,Genisteinetc.All these ingredients are very helpful to preventthe cancers like mammary cancer, prostatic cancer, colorectal cancer etc. Severalsystemic reviews and meta-analyses concluded that red clover extract reducesthe frequency of menopause hot flashes. Red clover extract has beenapplied to clinical practice more and more widely and also considered as a verypromising natural health care products.