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Good policies and economic growth drive the rapid development of the industry

February 22,2023

Plant extract is a product formed by taking plants as raw materials, according to the needs of the use of the extracted products, through physical, chemical extraction and separation processes, directionally obtaining and concentrating one or more effective ingredients in plants without changing the structure of their effective ingredients. Plant extracts are rich and diverse, and more than 300 varieties have been extracted in industry.


Plant extracts are important intermediate products

Widely used in food and beverage, condiments, medicine, health care products, nutritional supplements, cosmetics, feed additives and other industries. As a booming sunrise industry, with the improvement of human living standards, the concept of returning to nature has been strengthened. Food, medicine, health care products and cosmetics are increasingly tending to green, natural and pollution-free products. Plant extracts have huge development space and market prospects at home and abroad.

The upstream of the plant extraction industry chain mainly includes the independent research and development of plant extraction equipment and raw material planting, the midstream mainly includes extraction and deep processing, and the downstream is the sales of terminal products, covering food and beverage, medicine, cosmetics and other fields.