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Huacheng Biotech - monk fruit Sweetening Solution Expert

March 21,2023

Huacheng Biotech is a leading enterprise of plant sweet extract and plant extract in China.

The company's monk fruit sweet series products have cooperated with well-known enterprises at home and abroad, and its performance has maintained rapid growth in recent years. Huacheng Biotech expects to actively repay its common hometown and do its part for the economic development of Hunan while becoming a big enterprise.

It is reported that Huacheng Biotech, founded in 2008, is committed to "bringing pure natural, zero calorie, healthy sweetness to everyone". For more than ten years, it has always focused on reducing sugar and health. The main product of monk fruit sweet series is monk fruit, which is the main source of sweetness.


As a national high-tech enterprise and an NFC-cGMP certified enterprise in the United States, Huacheng Biotech has 148 authorized national invention patents, and two PCT patents have been authorized in the United States and Japan respectively. The comprehensive strength of intellectual property rights ranks among the forefront of the industry. It also won the honors of "High quality Development Base of Agricultural International Trade of the Ministry of Rural Agriculture", "Benchmark Enterprise for Technological Innovation Multiplication of Small and Medium sized Enterprises in Hunan Province", "Small Giant Enterprise in Hunan Province", and as the first completion unit, its project of "breeding of new varieties of monk fruit and development and industrialization of the whole industrial chain of a new generation of natural sweeteners" won the second prize of Hunan Technological Invention Award. At the same time, The company is the standard setting unit of monk fruit extract and Arhat fructose industry, and the construction unit of "Hunan Natural Sweetener Engineering Technology Research Center".

As one of the eight initiators of the China Plant Extract Alliance and one of the top ten high-quality suppliers of the China Plant Extract Alliance, Huacheng Biotech has now developed into a leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization in Hunan Province and a leading enterprise in domestic plant sweetener extraction and plant extract. Nearly 40000 mu of monk fruit will be planted, which will drive more than 16000 farmers and 60000 people to be employed. Build a whole industrial chain of monk fruit, improve the added value of products, and improve the industrial operation mode of "company+professional cooperatives+farmers". Through close cooperation between the company and cooperatives, the company has invested a lot of technical guidance in fertilization, pest prevention, weeding, irrigation, and picking, which has successfully increased the production and quality of monk fruit.

Huacheng Biotech has passed the national ISO22000 quality system certification, and the production process has been fully introduced into the HACCP plan. It has obtained the FDA certification and the EU certification in the United States. The plant extract products are exported to many countries in Europe and the United States, with the total output ranking the top in the world, and are widely welcomed by domestic and foreign consumer markets.

monk fruit glycoside V50%, with a total capacity of 300 tons/year, is the world's largest company specializing in the production of monk fruit extract. Although affected by the epidemic in recent years, it has also stimulated consumers' demand for plant extracts from natural sources. In 2021, Huacheng Biotech achieved a 40% countertrend increase in plant extracts. The Chairman of the Board was also recognized by the Provincial Department of Science and Technology as a talent of science and technology entrepreneurship and military building in Hunan Province. He is also studying for a doctor's degree. At the same time, the company has more than 40 scientific researchers, 6 with doctor's degrees and more than 10 with master's degrees. He has cooperated with Hunan Agricultural University, Central South University, Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, South China University of Technology and other well-known domestic food and natural products research institutes for a long time.

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