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Huacheng Biotech continues to build a sustainable supply chain of monk fruit

March 21,2023

For the consideration of natural health, both consumers concerned about health and beverage and food brand enterprises in the forefront of consumption are paying more and more attention to the natural sweeteners from monk fruit.

The chairman of Hunan huacheng Biotech,Inc. said that in 2023, Huacheng Biotech will build at least 10 skilled planting demonstration bases with an area of 30-40 mu in the monk fruit planting area, promote semi-automatic planting, use drip irrigation facilities for integrated management of fertilizer and water, significantly increase the area of single family planting and energy production, and make major improvements in automation and digitalization of the supply side in order to respond to the growing demand for fewer rural people and larger market demand. It is planned to further expand the planting area of siraitia grosvenorii in Hunan, Jiangxi, Guilin, Guizhou, Chongqing, Guangdong and other places in 2023. Only in Hunan, it is expected to exceed 65000 mu in 2023 and 100000 mu in 2025, which will drive tens of thousands of farmers to go to rural revitalization and become rich through hard work.


In the next year, Huacheng Biotech will build three new production lines in western Hunan, southwest Hunan and southern Hunan, which will form an annual processing capacity of 60000 tons of fresh siraitia fruits after being put into production. From 2024 to 2025, 3-6 new production lines will be built in Hunan, Guilin, Guangxi, Guizhou and Yichun, Jiangxi.

The chairman said that the healthy and rapid development and expansion of the industry needed to make great efforts to build the value chain of the whole industry.

Huacheng Biotech would lead to promote the shaping of the industrial value chain.

1)The value objectives at the upstream end: the average income of farmers per mu is 6000-7000 yuan, the income of large households per mu is about 200000 yuan, the income of village collectives and cooperatives per mu is about 200 yuan/mu;
2) In the C-end value goal: reduce the use cost of siraitia grosvenorii sweet to less than 1.5 times of the use cost of sucrose and less than 40% of erythritol/alotose, creating better selling points for the C-end brand and bringing more value-added.
3) On the consumer side: bring health, green safety to all people and families in need, and give people who care about family health a better choice.

Hunan huacheng Biotech,Inc. has been committed to the industrialization of monk fruit derived natural sweeteners for more than ten years. With years of experience in serving brand names in sweet formula and relying on the unique natural resources of the drug food derived sweet monk fruit, it will continue to shape the industrial value chain of monk fruit and drive the industry from the current scale of two to three billion dollars to one billion dollars and ten billion dollars. It is the responsibility and mission of Huacheng Biotech to bring Arhat, a healthier, safer, natural green and delicious second generation natural sugar, to every family and every person in need!

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