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Monk Fruit promotes the development of sugar reduction in the food industry

May 30,2023

Monk fruit is generally added to food and beverage in the form of monk fruit extract,  monk fruit powder, and monk fruit concentrated juice,etc., which can be directly labeled as "monk fruit /monk fruit extract". As a natural raw material in food, it is not limited by the amount of addition.

Therefore, the usage of monk fruit is very high in North American organic natural food and beverages.

Monk fruit extract has no after-bitterness, good thermal stability, and will not cause changes in blood sugar and dental cariosity is an ideal natural sugar substitute,can be widely used in nutritional health products, infant food, puffed Food, seasoning, middle-aged and elderly food, solid beverage, pastry, cold food, convenience food, instant food, etc.


In the sugar reduction trend, monk fruit extract is not only used as a functional sweetener, but also plays a different role with other sugars in different scenes to promote the development of sugar reduction in the food industry.

● Monk fruit and stevia have a good synergistic effect, which can improve the taste and increase the cost performance.

● The combination of Luo Han Guo and erythritol has a good taste, improves the texture, and it has a sweetness similar to sucrose, which is in line with consumer habits;

● The combination of Monk Fruit and Inulin Improves Taste, intestinal health,and label is cleaner.

● The combination of Luo Han Guo, allulose and trehalose can improve the taste, and is suitable for the application of baked products.

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