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Natural sugar substitutes are in vogue. Monk Fruit Sweetener leads a new generation of

May 30,2023

At present, consumers' concerns about diabetes and obesity, as well as their pursuit of slim figure, have aroused the attention of the food industry to sugar. "Low sugar" is a hot trend in the development of natural food, while "sugar reduction" is a trend that is constantly being strengthened.

Many product formulations are trying to reduce the amount of added sugar.

In this trend, sugar substitute raw materials have attracted more and more attention,especially the natural functional sweeteners represented by inulin, stevia and monk fruit extract.


First, from the perspective of the environment,obesity and diabetes continue to increase globally.
Secondly, due to the increasing demand of consumers for natural, healthy and low-sugar products, many countries have implemented "sugar taxes" to reduce per capita sugar intake.
For example, Sweden, Finland, the United Kingdom, and some states in the United States have imposed sugar taxes. At the same time, China is also carrying out special projects focusing on "three reductions and three health" (Salt reduction, oil reduction, sugar reduction, healthy oral cavity, healthy weight, healthy bones).In addition, global food and beverage companies such as Nestle, Coca-Cola, and PepsiCo are also setting a 30-50% sugar reduction target.Most importantly, consumers have begun to awaken their own health awareness, have realized that high sugar diet will bring various health risks, and actively choose the low sugar product.

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