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Why Choose Us Monk Fruit Extract

September 28,2023

1. Trustworthy Manufacturer—Focus on Monk Fruit Extract.

Bringing Natural, Zero Calorie and Healthy Sweeteners to Everyone is HC's holy Mission. we are now the world's largest professional manufacturer of the natural low-calorie sweetener monk fruit extract after years of intense involvement in the industry,with a capacity of 600T/year formonk fruit extract50% Mogroside V. H2-Luo is our sparkling trademark.

2. Reliable Manufacturer -Elaborate quality control system.

HC has developed a comprehensive quality management system and has acquired certifications from top worldwide organizations covering BRC, NSF-cGMP, ISO9001, ISO22000(HACCP), ISO14001, ISO45001, FDA-GRAS, Non-GMO, SC, KOSHER, HALAL, and other international authoritative certifications. At the same time, we have passed the audit by top-level multinational enterprises.

From tissue culture of fruit seedlings, planting, and R&D to technical support, extraction and production, comprehensive development, and extraction utilization, we have a vertically integrated overall industrial chain. People involved in the industry chain are acquired more value and enjoy better employment prospects.

4. Innovative manufacturer — Proficient R&D and Vast Patents.

Our R&D team at HC embraces more than 40 scientific researchers, six doctors, and over ten ,asters. It is directed by doctors who have extensive experience in this field and currently we own 179 national invention patents for better competitivenessand protecting our products in the market . Meanwhile, HC team have abundant experience in sugar reduction solutions, can provide OEM or ODM for our customers.