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Hunan Huacheng Biotech, Inc. the leading expert of monk fruit sweetener solution for sugar reduction

Headquartered in Changsha High-tech Zone, Hunan Province, Hunan Huacheng Biotech, Inc. was founded in 2008, and it was awarded National High-tech Enterprise and one of the top 10 leading suppliers of Plant Extracts in China. Certified by NSF-cGMP, it is also one of the Eight Initiators of Chinese Plant Extract Industry Alliance, the Constructor of Monk Fruit Extract Industry Standard, and 100 Excellent Entrepreneur in Changsha on the 30th Anniversary of the Establishment of National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone.

Hunan Huacheng Biotech., Inc. has established a complete quality management system, and has passed BRC, NSF-cGMP, Non-GMO, FDA-GRAS,  ISO9001, ISO22000 (HACCP), SC, KOSHER, HALAL and other international authoritative certifications. 

To ensure a healthy, sweet and green fruit, Huacheng set its the planting base in the heart of latitude 25-30 degrees north. Using the most advanced extraction, separation, and purification technology, each monk fruit is full of freshness bestowed by nature. Huacheng is the first company in the world to successfully expand the planting area of Monk Fruit from Guilin to Hunan, Jiangxi and other regions. The newly developed area is suitable for planting 6 million acres, which has a vertically integrated whole industrial chain of Monk Fruit from tissue culture of fruit seedlings, planting, R&D and technical support, extraction and production, comprehensive development and utilization of extraction; formula research and development of substitute sugar, application of terminal products to the recycling of fruit dregs and biological fertilizer.

At present, Huacheng R&D Center is led by a Ph.D. team with rich industry experience in the United States. There are more than 40 scientific researchers, including a group of 4 doctors and more than 10 masters. For a long time, the company has carried out in-depth cooperation with well-known domestic food and natural product research institutions such as the National Technology Research Center of Utilization Engineering of Plant Functional Components of Hunan Agricultural University, Central South University, Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc.

Huacheng is the world's leading expert in Monk Fruit Extract, providing sugar reduction solution. It is our sacred mission to bring the pure natural, zero calorie and healthy sweet to everyone. We hope to establish strategic partnership with more companies in the field of food, beverage, health care and pharmacy.

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Mogroside V 50% general capacity achieve 600MT/Y, Huacheng is the global largest professional Mogroside manufacturer